It's what you CAN do that counts  
 Wyfold Group RDA Registered charity No.1119428

Wyfold Team


  Each riding session is led by an Instructor, with helpers to lead the horses and provide support to the riders as required. Altogether we have about 80 helpers and Instructors, giving riding sessions 6 days a week - we all need a day off!

The Group is run and managed by the Trustees, with a part-time Yard Manager to help with the day to day management of the yard, the grazing and the animals. All administrative tasks are undertaken voluntarily.

We are always on the look out for more volunteers. You need not be horsey - tasks range from feeding, grooming and mucking out to tack cleaning and general maintenance or simply walking alongside a rider giving support and guidance. You might prefer to assist with fund raising or with administration. If you are dedicated, reliable and willing to offer us some of your spare time, please contact us.

Zara Campbell-Harris recieving her "President's Award" from Princess Anne, The Highest award that the RDA can give

Some of the Wyfold Team at the South region show 2020

Valued members of the team are our kittens Tabby and White Face who have been brought in to help with the mouse problem.